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Vetrix - Next Phaser
1: Dirty Oranges buy now
2: NextPhaser-Leader1
3: Myon Zekt
4: Molecular (des)Integration


On the basis of Next Phaser, Vetrix's tracks are even more dense and hard-hitting than TwoFourteen's. The Lisbon-based Vetrix is also a sound designer, a fact that becomes abundantly clear the more one listens to the EP's four electro-techno workouts. “Dirty Oranges” presents a wide-screen mix of beats, distorted voice samples, and blinding synthetic colour, while speaking voice fragments splinter across aggressive funk rhythms and cyclonic atmospheres in the aptly-titled “Molecular (des)Integration.” Abetted by an acidy front line of squealing 303s, “Myon Zekt” injects its brain-addling ambiance with a punishing, hyperactive groove. That the lush closer “Next Phaser-Leader1” brings the lights down a bit lower comes as a welcome relief after the intensity of the other three stormers. Vetrix's material bursts with barely-contained energy, which makes one look all the more forward to the release of a twelve-track album scheduled for March, 2010.