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Pathic - Dr Zillango's Pitchbend Experiment
1: Original Mix buy now
2: Dark Matter Mix
3: ADJ Remix
4: Phase Mojo Remix
5: Lone Shark Remix
6: The Wee DJs Remix
7: Signal Type Remix


DJ Magazine Issue 464 (08/08)

The sincerest form of flattery is imitation, and nowhere in contemporary electro is this more apparent than on Pathic's latest release. While ADJ offers a stripped back take on 'Dr Ziliango…' and Phase Mojo's version gradually unfolds to the sound of a purring bass, the evocative pads and haunting sequences of Pathic's original mix and his 'Dark Matter' version, while highly derivative of Detroit electro, are still the most impressive compositions. ****1/2 - Electro 'Money Shot'

Mixmag Issue 207 (20/08/08)

Pyramid Transmissions make the sort of bassy true-skool warehouse electro that gets us moist. The lead track is summery, melodic 90s electronica, but half a dozen remixes take it everywhere from Black Dog-style electro-dub (Lone Shark) to seriously crunchy club molestation (Wee DJs) and beyond. ****